Diploma in Automotive Mechanics Ledra College

The School of Automotive Engineering, in collaboration with the Ledra College, is now offering a College Diploma in Automotive Mechanics, approved by Cyprus Ministry of Education.


In this program, students will discover all the basic functions (engines, transmissions, suspensions, brakes, steering systems, electrical systems) required to for a car to function, the latest technologies using electronic diagnostics and oscilloscope and electric / hybrid vehicle technology. Furthermore, this course is designed in the principle of practical exercises and therefore the course is almost split into a 50% theoretical and 50% practical part.


  • Approved program of study by Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA).
  • Approved by the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.
  • Course duration 2 years /120 ECTS.
  • Possibility of government student funding.
  • Possibility of funding from HRDA (Human Resources Development Authority in Cyprus).
  • Scholarships scheme.


Course Aim

The program purpose is to educate students to acquire important theoretical knowledge as well as a useful range of practical skills in automotive engineering.

The aim of this program is to form leading automotive mechanics in the areas of automotive maintenance with ability to diagnose, optimize and implement a solution to the problems related to the fields of Automotive Mechanics.

Close links with the local automotive industry ensure that our graduates fulfill the country’s automotive engineering needs. Special emphasis will be placed on the development of critical thinking, problem solving and innovative skills. Graduates will have the confidence to work on their own and as part of a team, eventually becoming leaders in their chosen field.


Learning Outcomes


  • theoretical and practical training of students in matters related to the internal combustion of engines (diesel and petrol) as well as their subsystems.
  • the specialization in modern diesel engine systems, which have evolved considerably in recent years.
  • providing expertise in issues concerning safety and organization in the workplace.
  • theoretical and practical training on topics related to alternative fuels, hybrid and electric technology and other forms of energy in vehicles.
  • providing knowledge and skills of modern engine and vehicle management systems.
  • students’ theoretical knowledge and practice in power system technology, driving and vehicle suspension.
  • the theoretical and practical training in car heating and air conditioning systems.
  • theoretical and practical training of students in matters related to car control and diagnosis.
  • knowledge and skills of vehicle repair and maintenance obtained through laboratory courses.
  • students’ awareness of environmental issues in the workplace.


Career Opportunities


Graduates from Ledra College with one year proof of experience after graduation, are eligible for the issue of their professional license without any further tests or examinations. Possibility of immediate employment in the sector of maintenance and repairs of vehicles in Cyprus or abroad.



Semester Breakdown


Semester 1

SAE105 – Principles of Thermodynamics ECTS 6

SAE111 – Basic Knowledge of Electrical Principles ECTS 6
SAE102 – Technical English for Automotive Technicians ECTS 3
SAE113 – Mathematics for Automotive Technicians ECTS 6
SAE110 – Technical and Mechanical Drawing ECTS 6
SAE100 – Health and Safety in the Automotive Environment ECTS 3


Semester 2

SAE103 – Internal Combustion Engine Technology ECTS 7

SAE104 – Internal Combustion Engine Fuel and Ignition Systems ECTS 6

SAE112 – Vehicle Electrical Units, Components and Systems ECTS 6

SAE101 – Knowledge of Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Measuring Devices ECTS 6

SAE114 – Vehicle Maintenance ECTS 5


Semester 3

SAE201 – Suspension and Vehicle Steering Systems ECTS 6

SAE202 – Vehicle Brake Systems ECTS 6

SAE203 – Vehicle Heating and Air Conditioning Systems ECTS 6

SAE210 – Introduction to Gearboxes ECTS 6

SAE205 – Vehicle Types and Vehicle Chassis Analysis ECTS 6


Semester 4

SAE204 – Alternative Fuels, Electric and Hybrid Automotive ECTS 7

SAE211 – Automotive Transmission and Drive Line Systems ECTS 7

SAE212 – Vehicle Diesel Engine Technology ECTS 6

SAE213 – Vehicle Diagnostic Procedures ECTS 6

SAE215 – Organization and Management in the Automotive Workplace ECTS 4