Technical Seminars

The School of Automotive Engineering offers to a range of individuals to participate in automotive engineering programs, classifying them into two main educational pillars:


1. Special technical seminars of new technology:

are addressed to existing car technicians of all specialties.


  • Hybrid and electric vehicle technology

School of Automotive Engineering is the FIRST City & Guilds of London Institute Approved Centre in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology.

        • Level 3 – Award in Component Removal and Replacement in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
        • Level 4 – Award in Diagnosis and Reflection of Faults in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles


  • Advance diagnosis & Oscilloscopes
  • Can Bus Multiplex technology in vehicles
  • DSG Gearbox


2. Seminars licensing car technicians:

are addressed to existing automotive engineers, trainee engineers who need to gain their specific licenses and to automotive engineers, who are directly related to various car systems; for example, license management fluorinated gases for air conditioning car systems, or even for their MOT license.


  • Training Program for vehicle technician license renewal 


  • Licensing of techniques for the recovery of fluorinated gases from vehicle air conditioning systems, based on the European Regulation 307/2008
    The technical seminar covers the basic technology, safety measures and environmental protection and the proper process of storage and use of fluorinated refrigerant gases in cars. The practical part include practice in refrigerant recovery, vacuum process, filling the system and loss control.
    The purpose of the seminar is the lending of vehicles craftsmen in the locked use and storage of refrigerant gases in cars based on the European regulation 307/2008.


  • Training Program for technical control line managers for motorcycles